Flora on the floor

We’ve had a very mild winter with very little snow. So, with one week until spring, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter conspired to dump snow on us. Fortunately, it was nothing compared to what the Northeast got, but it was enough to let us know that it is still winter. Plants that were fooled by our unseasonably warm weather a few weeks ago will probably suffer. But, the plants that my wife grows in our living room are thriving.

Her amaryllises (amarylli?) are going strong.  She’s numbered the pots so that she can keep track of how well they do year after year.  They don’t all bloom every year, but most of them do.  A real treat this year was the plant that finally bloomed for the first time since Kathy took it from the basement of her parents’ home after her mother passed away in 2009.  Just give them a little water, a little sunshine, and a little love and they’ll do fine.


The photos above were taken in the past couple of weeks.  Those below were taken in previous years.  Pretty flowers if I say so myself.  And, they are fun plants to watch because they grow so fast you can practically watch them get taller right before your eyes.


Since today’s the first day of spring, we should soon be able to enjoy flowers outside as well!

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