summer musicians

Every year the University of Wisconsin Continuing Studies Program and UW School of Music hold two weeklong Summer Music Clinics, one for junior high school students and one for high school students. It’s a great opportunity for young musicians to get together with others from around the state who share their passion for music. Students have the opportunity to take part in bands, orchestras, jazz groups, choirs, and musical theater groups as well as learn more about their specific instrument or area of interest. The best part, I would think, is that they also get to spend a week having fun and making friends on the UW-Madison campus.  In June 2013 I volunteered to photograph activities at the clinics for the School of Music.  The images were posted on the School of Music and the Summer Music Clinic Facebook pages and some will be used for publicizing future clinics.  This gallery illustrates the students, faculty and staff working together to advance the talents of the next generation of musicians.